Season 4: ep.13, M Fethullah Gulen
Offering a deeper understanding of God’s messenger, this collection of sermons on the life of the Prophet Muhammad focuses on particular aspects of his life that highlight his significance as a husband, a father, an educator, and a worshipper.
Season 4: ep.12, Harriet Haberman
You know about intellectual intelligence. That's the goal of all your years of schooling. But what about your feelings? We often don't learn much about them. Harriet Haberman gives us some important life lessons as she discusses her book Emotional Wisdo
Season 4: ep.11, David Pietrusza
One election: three presidents. That's what happened in 1960. Three men sought the highest elected office in the United States. Eventually all of them would serve as Commander-in-chief. Author David Pietrusza brings history to life in his book 1960—LBJ
Season 4: ep.10, Katherine Marshall
Poverty, homelessness, disease – the plight of the poor seems endless. What can be done and who is helping now? In their book - Development and Faith: Where Mind, Heart, and Soul Work Together - authors Katherine Marshall and Marisa Van Saanen explor
Season 4: ep.09, Susan Newman
Single child families are becoming more and more commonplace. The challenges of rearing an only child are many - but so are the rewards says author Susan Newman in her book Parenting an Only Child: The Joys and Challenges of Raising Your One and Only.
Season 4: ep.08, Lawrence Weinstein
Pound for pound what's more powerful: a mouse or the sun? That is the type of mind bender that author Lawrence Weinstein helps you wraps your brain around in his book Guesstimation: Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin.
Season 4: ep.07, Deborah Carr
As women's roles in society change, so do relationships between mothers and daughters. Adult daughters today are, in many cases, living vastly different lives from their mothers; and it's often a cause of conflict. It's the subject of the book Making Up
Season 4: ep.06, Kavitha Rajagopalan
Each generation produces a new flock of immigrants. Many of those emigrating to the west recently are Muslim; and their challenges as they prepare for a new life in a different culture are many. Author Kavitha Rajagopalan documents their trials and tribu
Season 4: ep.05, Pat Moffett
One of the most dreaded diseases of old age doesn't discriminate against younger people. Author Pat Moffett found out the hard way when his middle aged wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He shares his story in Ice Cream in the Cupboard: A True
Season 4: ep.04, Peter K. Stimpson
Life's most basic – but essential - questions are tackled in this thoughtful book by clergyman and therapist Peter K. Stimpson. The book is called Map to Happiness: Straightforward Advice on Everyday Issues.
Season 4: ep.03, Joel Fuhrman
Who's not tired of diets? Doctor Joel Furhman says the secret to fitness is not about dieting but by changing your lifestyle. The Ivy League educated physician shares his secrets as he discusses his two book set entitled: Eat For Health: Lose Weight, Kee
Season 4: ep.02, Walter H. Wagner
It is one of the most important literary and religious works of all time: The Qur'an. Theologian Walter H. Wagner helps interpret this holy text in his book Opening the Qur'an: Introducing Islam's Holy Book
Season 4: ep.01, J. Craig Williams
As Americans, do we sometimes exaggerate the issue of suing? Is there actually specific ways to get sued? In “How to Get Sued,” by J. Craig Williams, a practicing attorney, we explore some intriguing, some puzzling, some hysterical, and some mundane w
Season 3: ep.13, Ken Golsbun
As can easily be inferred from the title, “Peace: The Biography of a Symbol,” written by Ken Kolsbun, sketches the origin of the peace sign. This book clearly demonstrates how the peace sign was invented, its symbolic place in history, how it was adop
Season 3: ep.12, Richard Gilbert
Portrays the story of a man from the Greatest Generation...a man named Richard L. Gilbert-- a New Yorker who was not only a CCNY graduate but also a returning soldier in the year 1949.
Season 3: ep.11, Gary Gallagher
More than 60,000 books have been published on the Civil War. Most Americans, though, get their ideas about the war—why it was fought, what was won, what was lost—not from books but from movies, television, and other popular media. In an engaging and a
Season 3: ep.10, Wendy Dolber
"The Guru Next Door" written by Wendy Dolber, is the story of Annie, a young child who struggles with an abnormal family. She lives her life in utmost unhappiness: Her mother hides in her room and dissapears for days at times; her father abondons them; he
Season 3: ep.09, Blake Taylor
This book concerns the life of a young man with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Yes, there are tons of information about this sickness but this book is a unique one told by the patient himself. It is the story of Taylor who becomes more im
Season 3: ep.08, Clinton Frederick
"WWII: Legacy of Letters" by Clinton Frederick is a remarkable story--a loving tribute to a father he had never really met...a father who was killed in a combat during the Admiralty Island campaign of World War II...a father who couldn't see his son, but
Season 3: ep.07, Carol Kinsey Goman
"Nonverbal Advantage" by Carol Kinsey Goman clearly demystifies some of the basic elements of everyday communication. Combining her latest research and former experience, she reveals certain myths that we may not be aware we tend to form opinions
Season 3: ep.06, Kate McLaughlin
"Mommy Im Still Here" concerns the life of an altruistic mother, one whom Fate has tested with the upbringing of two children inflicted with Bipolar Disorder. In it, she honestly conveys the truth about dealing with children with mental illness. As a resu
Season 3: ep.05, Michael J.Moorehead and Dylan Peters
In “The Student From Zombie Island” Michael J. Moore cautions the youngster how false rumors can lead to serious things. “Tick Talk,” written by a young author Dylan Peters, is a truly inspirational book for parents or children suffering with Tour
Season 3: ep.04, Lewis Buzbee
Some of us who have been to a bookshop, who have simply bought books, but never really wondered how these books came about, should consider reading Lewis Buzbees’ “The Yellow Lighted Bookshop.” In it, Buzbee not only recounts his personal life worki
Season 3: ep.03, Cherie Kimmons
If you need to prepare food for a tailgate party, scouting event, dinner, school celebration or family gathering, this is the cookbook for you.
Season 3: ep.02, Debbi Golforth
“Scars of Love: Tears of Hope,” written by Deborah Goforth is a truly both an inspiring and educational book regarding the issue of teens who feel hopeless about their lives.
Season 3: ep.01, Asli Sancar
As can easily be inferred from the title, "Ottoman Women" is the story of Ottoman Women, yes, but one that depicts them much more accurately then how Westerners perceive them.
Episode 28, Edward Muzio
Stop dreading Monday morning! Wherever you work, whatever you do, you can make your work life more fulfilling, more joyful. It all starts here. "Four Secrets to Liking Your Work" is a practical, proven, start-to-finish approach to transforming your ...
Episode 27, Dr. Harry R. Lewis
This book is especially fascinating in its explanations of the historical background that created many of today's policies and procedures at Harvard and elsewhere, and the cases examined are presented in a lively and interesting way.
Episode 26, Luke Krueger
"A Noble Function" is clearly an adoring book that covers the first 20 years of U-Haul (more on this limitation later); the fact that it is copyrighted by U-Haul removes any suspicion about it being a corporate puff-piece...
Episode 25, Joanne Reitano
The Restless City is an intimate portrait of New York's tumultuous past and present, giving the reader a front row seat for some of Gotham's most trying times, bringing to life the human emotion and drama while always placing it in the context ...
Episode 24, Antonio Frontara
Chef Antonio shares his favorite family recipes with you and your family in Chicken Soup for the Soul Kids in the Kitchen . He reveals the secret ingredient in Grandpa Joe's Jelly Cookies, inspires budding chefs with Spaghetti Pie, and ...
Episode 23, Gary Moore
Here is a baseball and World War II story that brings an extraordinary time in our country's history alive, along with the people who made it fascinating. You will laugh and cry, and never forget it. History, after all,is about the people who lived it.
Episode 22, Barbara Coloroso
This book is best for teachers and parents, but it might also be helpful for adults who wish to share some of the information with their kids, like the tips about how to handle a bully or what constitutes bullying. This book makes an important distinction
Episode 21, Margot Morrall
If you must lead through crisis and uncertainty—and who doesn't these days? Acquired from the life and adventures of the renowned 20th century explorer, in “Shackleton's Way,” the Margot Morrall captures the true essence of leadership: to help each
Episode 20, Jill Carroll
For those who would like to learn a little more about Gulen and his notions of education and dialog, then A Dialogue of Civilizations: Gulen's Islamic Ideals and Humanistic Discourse will prove an eye-opening read. Readers will gain a thorough understandi
Episode 19, Dr Stephan O. Post
It turns out that giving — far more than receiving — is a surprisingly potent force whose impact echoes across an entire lifetime, nourishing health and happiness in astounding ways. That's the significance of Why Good Things Happen to Good People, wh
Episode 18, Stan Posner
Offering an impressive collection of road maps, history and trivia idyllic for tourists and travelers, Drive I-95 is a user-friendly guide of a clever mix of guidebook and map. The map pages are schematic, almost recreations of 15- or 30-mile chunks of th
Episode 17, Steve Harrison
The long term success of any company, small or large depends largely on its culture. Change a company's internal culture for the better, and results improve. But can a manager really adjust the culture of an entire work force, especially in a large corpor
Episode 16, Jim Camp
We live in a compromise- and assumption-based world, but Jim Camp flips conventional wisdom on its head and in the process makes you a more effective negotiator with clients, customers, spouses, kids, neighbors, and coworkers.
Episode 15, Eric Robbins
In this ground-breaking conservation book you will find: A useful map for helping you make thoughtful purchasing decisions, even when you don't have enough information.
Episode 14, Derek Randel
Every seven minutes a child is bullied on a school playground with no intervention happening 85% of the time. Teachers may not always be properly equipped to handle this social epidemic and too often administrators are not supporting the teachers. This bo
Episode 11, Dr. John King
Ideal for men to understand their importance in the family, that they can indeed be very influential on their children, and what they should and not do, is what’s packed inside this gem of a work. It contains a heartfelt, life-learned advice for any man
Episode 10, Lawrence Lamb
Inside the Space Race is a well documented personal account of one of the most crucial periods in American history. Dr. Lamb shows the reader an inside look at the events, personalities and clashes among the individuals who led and developed the program t
Episode 09, Amir Hussain
This is an crucial book for those who are truly interested in knowing the differences and commonalities of the Judeo-Christian faiths and traditional and modern Islam. The book offers an eminently approachable, introduction to Islamic faith and culture by
Episode 08, Francis E. Peters
This book explores the earliest foundations of Judaism as the starting point, it being the oldest of the three monotheistic Abrahamic religions. It develops a brief history involving both scriptural and archaeological/historical research, but brings in th
Episode 07, Robert A. Hunt
Exploring the response and contributions of Muslims and Turkish Muslims to globalization—including areas such as democratization, scientific revolution, changing gender roles, and religious diversity—this study recognizes the common values and visions
Episode 06, Richard W. Bulliet
The book consists of four essays arguing that Islam and Christianity have tremendous common roots and history—as much as, or even more than, Christianity and Judaism. This book challenges the prevailing view of Islamic history arguing, "What went wrong?
Episode 05, Lucinda Mosher
Belonging explores what it means to live and worship among the numerous faiths unique to America's neighborhoods such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Baha'i, Zoroastrianism, Afro-Caribbean religions, Native-American religions, Con
Episode 04, Zeki Saritoprak
In this volume we encounter Rumi living through the words of a contemporary Mevlevi Shaykh. This is a remarkable and timely book. It effectively transcends the usual dichotomy of scholarly and devotional Rumi. In this book we meet Rumi as Sufi, as Muslim,
Episode 03, Ian Markham, Yuksel Aslandogan
Bismillah, prayers, the Resurrection, why humanity and the universe were created, the Qur'an and modern thinking, Hadith, natural calamities, the Divine Being and His Attributes and acts, worldly life, Messengership, the Qur'an's references to scientific
Episode 02, Jawid Mojaddedi
Rumi's Masnavi is widely recognized as the greatest Sufi poem ever written, and has been called. The thirteenth-century Muslim mystic Rumi composed his work for the benefit of his disciples in the Sufi order named after him, better known as the whirling d
Episode 01, Felicia Drury Kliment
Containing an easy-to-follow, customizable diet based on metabolic type that helps you get rid of excess fat and enjoy a healthy life, this book is about choosing a diet based on your metabolism. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach, it also